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Notice Board (current: 23 October 2011)

Contest: Chaos and Absurdity
Run by: oblivionhaze
Theme: Chaos and Absurdity
Mediums: All artforms are accepted (This includes traditional, digital, photography, crafts, journal skins etc etc)
Beginning / End dates: October 19th 2011 - November 18th 2011
Link(s) to information News article, journal entry
Further information: One entry per person. Entry doesn't need to be new. Contact oblivionhaze to "enter" your work.


Contest: Autumn CONTEST: “Feelings of Fall”
Group: Unframed-Nature
Theme: Autumn and the feelings that can be provoked from the season.
Mediums: All mediums as long as it is about nature.
Beginning / End dates: Monday, October 17th, 2011 - Monday, November 21st, 2011 (at Midnight PST)
Winners announced: At some point after Monday November 28th, 2011.
Link(s) to information Blog entry, News article
Further information: Must be a member. 1 entry per person. Entry can be new or old. Must be about nature.

:iconunframed-nature: :iconteaphotography:
Hello guys, I apologise for the absolute lateness of this. Life has just been so busy... But to no further ado...

b>October 2011 voting (Planet, Glasses, Mountain, Notes)</b>

Note voting
Open up a new note and enter my username ( cattereia ) as the recipient and then "Word-wit voting October 2011" as the subject.
Choose two (2) works from the following 9 pieces and enter the thumbcode or link of them in the note. ( You can even write reasons for choosing each work, if you'd like! :) ) Then send! :)

Lemonade by rockgem
Mountain View by rockgem
Green Light Wallpaper by DablurArt
Primary Colors by DablurArt
the color of money by oblivionhaze
vintage by oblivionhaze
Montano by Valadix
Earth Shattering by Mandi7MM
Under the Dome by Mandi7MM

Poll voting

Because we are not a super group and I am no longer a premium member, we cannot host poll voting this time around. Thusly, please make sure that you all (more so if you entered) vote via note.

Voting ends: 20 February, 2012, midnight AEST

Please do not vote for yourself and please do not ask others to vote specifically for you. If you would like to advertise voting, you may do so, but not ask anyone to skew the votes in your favour.

Seasonal (Winter/Summer, depending on where you live) theme

So, I'm definitely late, I know... But I figure for these months I've missed, we could have a catch up on whatever you might have photographed or created in this time and the future month. For many countries, this past time has been Winter and surely there are many times when you've depicted the frosty goodness. I, personally, live in Australia and here (along with many other countries) we see December, January and Febraury as Summer months. Pool time, beach, incredible sunrises/ sets, having time with family...? These are just a number of things that you may have experienced recently (or in the month to come)...
Along with these "season" pointers, this past time has been a reason for celebration, not just for some, but for all. There are heaps of things one might have celebrated recently; Halloween, Thanksgiving (for you Americans), Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year (as separate from the former point), Australia Day (for some of you in Aus, obviously), etc.
Moving along to the "New Year", this month can signify changes or resolutions you might make throughout the year. Obviously right now is the time to think about the coming months.

So, the overall prompt for these months is: "Recollect and Resolve"

The media entered (photography, physical artwork, writing, etc) must either be made by the entrant or have been properly credited to those who did create the piece.
The amount of entries are limited to 2 (two) per person.
The entries submitted do not need to have been made specifically for this contest and are allowed to have been made prior to this contest.
You must be a member of Word-Wit to enter our themes.
If entries seem irrelevant or misplaced to the folder, I may remove them. To ensure this does not happen, please make sure to mention in the artist comments that it has been entered to this theme.

Entries are due by: 01 March 2012, midnight AEST

How to enter: Submit each entry to the Beginning 2012: Recollect and Resolve folder in our gallery. Submissions are automatically accepted.
To be considered "entered", your works must be in this folder and relevant to the theme (and you must be a member). Your work may stray from the theme (but not too far) and if you feel it might not be envisioned as relevant, please feel free to explain in your artist comments or you can even note me about it; I am very lenient when it comes to submissions. :)
However, there have recently been works that do not fit our theme that may have accidentally been placed in these folders. I would like for entrants to mention in their artist comments that their entry (or entries) are being entered for our group theme(s). This is not necessary. However, if I find works that do not fit our themes within the folders and do not mention the group themes (possibly misplaced), I will remove the works.
This may be enforced in future submissions if misplaced works continue...


Contest: Chaos and Absurdity
Run by: oblivionhaze
Theme: Chaos and Absurdity
Mediums: All artforms are accepted (This includes traditional, digital, photography, crafts, journal skins etc etc)

Chaos Anatomy by LopezIIReturn
IceCreamMan by baconworm
the LEAK by oneoftheclan
Honourable Mentions
Turbulence by anitadunkl
Pandemonium by vrupatel
War of the Wires by Rowanelle


Contest: Autumn CONTEST: “Feelings of Fall”
Group: Unframed-Nature
Theme: Autumn and the feelings that can be provoked from the season.
Mediums: All mediums as long as it is about nature.

The End Of The Sailing Season by BarbaraPommerenke
Autumn Elegance by shadytales
linger by alterOFnotion
Honourable Mentions
Autumn Leaves by nnIKOO
Autumn sunlight by valixa
fog forest by AvaNattura

:iconunframed-nature: :iconteaphotography:

I hope everyone's New Year is going well! I apologise for any lateness. :)

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Past Competition Winners

Past Competition Winners

DEC 09: See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil
Cattereia with
See, hear, speak by Cattereia

JAN 10: Decadence
FireFlyExposed with
After decadence by FireFlyExposed

FEB 10: For my dearest... & An apple a day...
ppawelczak with
Love every day by ppawelczak

mayoofka with
I feel you... by mayoofka

Aseamlessbond with

shades-of-art with
Drowning in to valentine by shades-of-art

MAR 10: A little birdy told me
Andaelentari with

APR 10: Angelic / Demonic
rockgem with
Forbidden Tryst... by rockgem

sinister334 with

moviegirl78 with
Church 2 by moviegirl78

MAY 10: Minimalism
rockgem with
Stones by rockgem

JUN 10: Silver Linings
rockgem with

Katastrophey with
Flood Waters by Katastrophey

moviegirl78 with
Great Ocean Road 2 by moviegirl78

JUL 10: Bubbles and Under lock & key
Ayamteksa with

rockgem with
One might fit... by rockgem

mayoofka with
bubble world explorer by mayoofka

AUG 10: Your lucky day

BlackRoseShadow with

rockgem with
I'mma Lucky... by rockgem

Phill-in-the-Blanks with
God Luck***God Luck***
Divine intervention,
no invention!
In Heaven they call it grace.
A filling of empty fortune with
good luck, God's luck.
His favor to turn the odds in my favor...
All I had to do was pray,
and I got Infinity's luck to save the day.
Phill :)

SEP 10:


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